Lighting engineering courses

We offer basic and advanced courses covering lighting engineering; the items of the courses are agreed together with the customers.The courses are for maximum 20 persons each.

To follow are some of the arguments we deal with:

Basic course

  • Basic lighting engineering
  • Fundamental quantities
  • Photometric analysis of a lighting fixture
  • Measuring lighting fixtures
  • Typical LED fixtures problems
  • Characteristic LED fixtures analysis
  • Differences between American and European norms

Advanced course

  • Color rendering indexes
  • Interior lighting planning
  • EN 12464-1
  • Street lighting systems planning
  • UNI 11248
  • EN 13201

Specialized course

  • Evaluation of spectrometric and colorimetric uncertainty
  • Analysis of the internal procedures
  • Example of uncertainty calculation
  • Issues in uncertainty calculation
  • Meaningful parameters
  • LM79 e EN 13032-4 evaluation